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Why purchase my Art

February 17th, 2018

Why purchase my Art

When creating my art, it is created with you “My fans and customers in mind” As for me, art is a visual and emotional stimulant, which has the ability for a single piece to spark emotions differently in each of its viewers. As such, I keep the following in mind:

1. What emotions do you feel when you look at my art?
2. What does my art remind you of?
3. What does the colors and shape remind you of?
4. Would you place my art on your wall?
5. Which aspect of my art do you favor?
6. What attracts your immediate attention or most, in my art?
7. Which area of my art do you like the least?
8. Do any parts of my art seem not to fit with the rest of it?

Thank you for visiting my site, please enjoy my art and support me the artist.